Values we swear by | Committed | Resilient | Positive | Drive | Disciplined | Competitive

Questions to ask yourself before applying…

  • Do you want to push yourself?
  • Are you confident you can be successful working a 4 day week?
  • Can you make a good brew?

First off, what do we expect from a newbie?

  • Genuine human
  • Ooooooze positivity
  • Focused on creating solutions
  • Prepared to challenge yourself
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Ability to bounce back
  • Determination to the very best version of yourself

In return, what can we offer you?

  • We get 5 days work in to 4. This isn’t for everyone; you need to be efficient and really productive with your time in the office
  • Unlimited holiday. If you are super productive and can stay one step ahead of your workload then you can request unlimited holiday
  • We are human and understand that you have commitments outside of work. We have a range of options available including fully remote, hybrid and office based
  • Every tool in the box that you could need to do your job, and do it to a high standard
  • We have dogs in the office!
  • Days to give back to our local community
  • Healthspan over Lifespan! Benefits and perks that actually benefit YOU and your stage of life
  • HEKA (Health and Lifestyle benefits monthly allowance)
  • How does Dubrovnik, San Sebastain and Montenegro sound to you? We plan experiences to quirky, cool places
  • Freedom & trust from day one

Official ‘job spec’

If you’re here then you want to work for us – yay!

We are hiring for a Billing Team Leader.

Salary: negotiable depending on experience


  • At least 4 years’ experience as a consultant, ideally to have managed a team
  • To be a specialist in your market
  • Ability to lead from the front and by example


  • Lead an existing billing team in one of our specialist markets
  • Up to 30% commission with no threshold
  • Management and leadership coaching
  • Transparent targets


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