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Whether you are new to the world of recruitment or an expert recruiter in any of our specialist sectors, you are in the right place. Highfield Professional Solutions and DataX Connect – we’d love to be part of your story….

Our story
Our story


Recruited from their home office for the first 5 years.


Moved to Durley, where we are today, to allow for further headcount growth.


Founded in by 2 best friends with a vision to create somewhere incredible to work and that put people first.


Then started to grow the business and set up the first office in Botley Mills.


Through Covid, set up the DataX Connect brand to focus purely on the growth of the Data Centre industry.


We lost Sam after brave 7 year battle with Bowel Cancer. We drive the business forward in his memory #bemoresam.


....and a 10 year plan (2031) that we’re working towards.


June 2021 - We have a 3 year plan (2024)

Your future vision, mission, and values
At Highfield and DataX our vision is to become the most trusted recruitment business in our sectors.
This doesn’t just mean being experts, knowledgeable in our niches, but to be transparent throughout the recruitment process; to both our clients and candidates. This means we will provide advice that is personal to each individual and helps to guide them to exactly where they want to be.
"We are always positively discontent with our feedback scores and always look to learn, listen and improve our service in order to build trusting long-term relationships. "
Josh Jones - Senior Recruitment Consultant
Internally we continually talk about the trust equation. To us trust means we are:



Building relationships

Putting the customer first

Our trust starts with our people and our own empowerment of them. We are very selective about who joins the team, we assess everyone against our core values and ensure they have a customer first mentality. This is vital as how we will achieve our vision is through our mission – by being obsessed with providing the best customer experience. The experienced teams we have at Highfield always put the customer first at every step.
With a vision to be the most trusted recruitment business in our sectors, our mission looks at how we will achieve that - by being obsessed with providing the best customer service.

We embrace the fact that everyone is an individual and understand that we are all on our own path to find a career or role that meets our personal needs, or are looking for the ideal candidate to help us achieve our company or personal goals.

We are so serious about customer experience that we ask our candidates and clients to evaluate our service throughout their journey with us. Our consultants review their feedback scores every week and we consistently recognise and reward people who demonstrate exceptional service. This can be anyone in any area of the business as we are all continually looking at our customer journeys and how to improve them.

We are always positively discontent with these scores and always look to learn, listen and improve our service in order to build trusting long-term relationships.
"We do what we say we will do for our clients, we listen and ensure we really understand our customers and candidates for the longer term. "
Molly Brown - Lead Recruitment Consultant
Our vision is to become the most trusted Talent Business in our sectors, our values match will be vital to help drive us towards our shared goal...
Our teams are constantly pushing themselves to grow, develop, and improve. Their driven natures and determination to do well helps them to walk away at the end of each day with pride in their work and their success.
Discipline is key to maintaining high levels of customer service. We cannot help every candidate nor fill every vacancy, so we play to our strengths to be the best - we will always advise our clients and candidates of the right choices.
We enjoy friendly competition, helping each other to improve and learn in fast-paced, challenging ways whilst making sure we never leave someone behind. We understand that the best form of competition is with ourselves, trying to be better every single day.
Positive people are happier and have more fun at work, it’s a fact! Thinking positively is also proven to help you stay motivated and be a better team player, positive to us means you try to find a solution for every challenge, not a challenge for every solution!
Our positivity feeds into resilience. When a solution hasn’t worked, or a new challenge forces a change in approach, we keep bouncing back. We don’t give up easily when our candidate or clients are relying on us.
When customers come to us for our expert knowledge and professional skills, we are determined to provide solutions - and our work doesn’t end until our goals together are achieved with our clients and candidates.
Our People

We live our values as a team

There’s a great mix of backgrounds within our teams, as people come from or what you have done before, if you have all our values and your drive to succeed and make the most of your career is high, then we might be just what you’re looking for. All the way through to 20+ years in the industry! We have ex hairdressers, military, retail workers and more!

It doesn’t matter where you came from or what you have done before, if our values and drive to succeed are aligned , then you might be just what we’re both looking for.

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Meet our Brands
What sector could you work in?
Critical Infrastructure
There is so much covered by the hi-tech sector, from pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and semi-conductors, to gigafactories and battery plants. Many major high technology projects are being planned, built, maintained, and managed, leading to a range of opportunities for you.
Data Centers
When we started DataX it was always our intention to be more than a recruitment provider. Join our international team support designing, building, and maintaining Data Centers around the world. You could be part of our role in this exciting, rapidly evolving industry - where growth never stops.
We specialize in supplying Construction Management talent within the semiconductor and data center sectors including – Project Managers, Project Executives, Superintendents, Project Engineers, MEP Managers - Be a part of a major growing sector in one of our vital areas of expertise.